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More Kill In Bill For “Integral” DVD Version

by Ryan January 21, 2009 at 3:29 pm Comments

integralkillbillThe Quentin Tarantino Archives recently talked with the director and learned a bit about the “integral” version of Kill Bill that played once at Cannes in 2006 and hasn’t been seen since. For those who haven’t been following Kill Bill’s post-theatrical life, the integral version (also dubbed “The Whole Bloody Affair”) undoes the splitting of the movie into two volumes and runs as one long movie with an intermission. It also includes some more graphic/extended scenes. There have been whispers and cries about a possible release on DVD for some time now, and it looks like that’s one step closer to becoming a reality. QT had this to say about the integral version:

We’ve actually added some things to it. We did a whole little chapter that I wrote and designed for the animated sequence, that we never did, because we figured, back when it was gonna be one big movie, it was going to be too long, so we didn’t do it. So when we were talking about re-releasing it, they asked is there anything you can put in, and I said no I put everything in there, but… there’s one sequence that we wouldn’t even have to shoot! So we got together with Production IG and did it, and it’s really cool. So it’s this little seven minute sequence, it’s really cool, it’s in the O-Ren chapter.

While this doesn’t guarantee the release will come soon, any sign of progress has to be taken as a positive by fans. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait too much longer to see this thing.

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