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Quick Hits & Snack Bits For 06/04/09

by Ryan June 4, 2009 at 2:51 am Comments


We’ve been running behind on the stories this week, so let’s see if we can’t do some catch-up with a seam-bursting edition of QH&SB!

Esteemed Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is coming back to America! He will helm The Surrogate, which is set to star Halle Berry, about a couple who hire a surrogate to carry their child but discover mid-term that the woman is insane.

Danny McBride will co-write and star in an adaptation of the graphic novel “Hench,” about an out-of-work ex-athlete who becomes a henchman for a successful villain. In an interesting wrinkle, McBride wants to set the story in the DC Universe and feature some of its colorful cast of villains. Comedic cameos from the likes of Lex Luthor and the Joker? I’m in.

Bryan Singer, in a recent interview with Total Film, expressed his regret over leaving the X-Men franchise. He also talked about the prospect of returning to it with X-Men Origins: Magneto: “Possibly. The only thing that concerns me about Magneto is that if the prequel were to follow the track I used in X-Men, which is Magneto’s history in the concentration camp, then I’ve lived in that world.” For more, head over to The Geek Files, where he also briefly hints at the state of limbo that his involvement with the Superman franchise is in.

Yes, they’re making a live-action Where’s Waldo? movie. No, I do not know why.

In a bit of terrible news for fans of the game, Gore Verbinski may not direct Bioshock. Since the movie was halted due to budget concerns and began seeking international alternatives for shooting locations, Verbinski’s continued involvement has been a question mark. In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, the director basically said it’ll come down to whether or not he can commit to spending a year-and-a-half away from home to shoot the film. Keep your fingers crossed, but things don’t look good for this one…

Picture break! /film has a scan of our first good look at Sam Worthington in Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans remake. The provenance of said picture may be Empire, so we’ll let you know if/when a higher-res version surfaces online.


Anne Hathaway will be joining Tobey Maguire in Tokyo Suckerpunch, about a graphic novellist (Maguire) who has a fantastical idea of Japan and women, basing his work on these unrealistic notions. When he actually journeys there in pursuit of this idea of a woman — with his editor (Hathaway) in tow — he ends up on an adventure not unlike the stuff he writes about. Love, self-discovery, and the associated hijinks are sure to ensue.

Duncan Jones, hot off the positive word-of-mouth being generated by Moon, has found his next project. He will direct an adaptation of Escape from the Deep, about a WWII submarine that gets trapped at the bottom of the Pacific after a torpedo malfunction. Jones really is emerging as a big talent to watch — David Bowie must be proud.

Equilibrium writer/director Kurt Wimmer has been hired to pen the screenplay for the Total Recall remake. This is one of the problems with remakes that’s been flying a bit under the radar — what do you do when intriguing talent you like gets involved with remakes you think are unnecessary?

Barry Sonnenfeld and writer BenDavid Grabinski are teaming-up again, this time for a film version of the popular Tom Swift franchise. Their vision will find the titualr Swift as one part of a father-son duo of genius inventors. I never got into the books as a kid, so any fans care to sound off about this?

Lastly, we told you he was gonna write the movie, but now the trades are saying that Jeff Nathanson will also direct the film adaptation of “The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero.” Cool beans.

Whew, you made it through! We’ll try to keep this sucker shorter next time. Until then!

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