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IRON MAN 2 Trailer Hits! by Ryan on 17 Dec 2009 | Comments

Earlier tonight, the viral ad campaign that has been going on for Iron Man 2 for the past week culminated in a ticking timer on And what was waiting on the other side of the clock? The new trailer for Iron Man 2.

The trailer’s now up at Apple in full HD glory, but you can also check it out below the jump. The trailer teases a lot of what we can expect from the new film — namely, plenty of high tech battlin’. Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash makes a significant and splashy debut, while Don Cheadle’s War Machine also squeezes in his hero shot. All in all, a fairly epic trailer. But it’s no fun listening to me talk about it, hit the jump to see it for yourself!

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One-Sheet Wonders: IRON MAN 2 Gives Us Whiplash And CLASH OF THE TITANS Gets 3 Posters by Ryan on 10 Dec 2009 | Comments

Apple has debuted the new one-sheet for Iron Man 2, featuring Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash. This comes on the heels of the poster last week that featured Iron Man and War Machine. Those of you eager to get your first look at some footage from the film can rest easy, as Film School Rejects is also reporting today that Paramount has officially confirmed that the Iron Man 2 trailer will be attached to Sherlock Holmes, which comes out Christmas Day. You can see the poster below, after the jump.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has been busy on the poster front as well, releasing three brand new ones for Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans. The first two show off Sam Worthington as Perseus in a couple of his more well-known moments — brandishing the head of Medusa and riding the Pegasus. The third one is a somewhat lazily Photoshopped triptych showing off some key figures/moments from the film. Check out all three posters, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, after the jump as well.

IRON MAN 2 Poster Lands, War Machine Revealed! by Roy on 30 Nov 2009 | Comments Yahoo has got the exclusive on the new Iron Man 2 teaser poster, showing off not only Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, but Rhodey’s shiny new War Machine armor. The poster sure is a pretty piece of marketing; it’s simple, but effective. It does make me wonder just how much of War Machine we’ll see though. Based on the footage that’s been released, I’d guess that he doesn’t come in until close to the climactic and inevitable battle at the end, though the poster certainly wants to suggest more of a tag-team tandem than we may actually end up getting. I guess we’ll see.

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An In-Depth Set Visit To IRON MAN 2 by Roy on 14 Oct 2009 | Comments Entertainment Tonight hosted a set visit with Iron Man 2 about a month ago that gave us some insight into the racetrack scene that the crew was filming that day, but was otherwise a little too hobnob-y with the stars to satisfy most geeks curious about, you know, the actual movie.

Well, turns out France’s CanalPlus did a set visit too, and they actually go a little more in depth to the going-ons of the sequel. They sit down with star Robert Downey, Jr, and director Jon Favreau, and both have some interesting things to say. We get a clear idea of their approach in returning to Tony Stark’s world, and their hopes and anxieties about following up the critical and commercial success of the first film with a worthy sequel. Plus we see a lot of new behind-the-scenes footage, though (sadly) no actual new scenes from the movie.

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**UPDATED!** IRON MAN 2 Comic Con Footage <strike>Online</strike> Gone! Catch It While You Can! by Roy on 8 Aug 2009 | Comments **Updated! The footage has been pulled… hope you caught it while you could.** Check out the awesome footage before it gets pulled! Read»
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More Everyone Else In IRON MAN 2 by Roy on 22 Jul 2009 | Comments What’s that? You want more Iron Man 2 stills? Alright fine, you win. Read»
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More ScarJo In IRON MAN 2 by Roy on 21 Jul 2009 | Comments Another image of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2 has debuted. Read»
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