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IRON MAN 2 Trailer Hits! by Ryan on 17 Dec 2009 | Comments

Earlier tonight, the viral ad campaign that has been going on for Iron Man 2 for the past week culminated in a ticking timer on And what was waiting on the other side of the clock? The new trailer for Iron Man 2.

The trailer’s now up at Apple in full HD glory, but you can also check it out below the jump. The trailer teases a lot of what we can expect from the new film — namely, plenty of high tech battlin’. Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash makes a significant and splashy debut, while Don Cheadle’s War Machine also squeezes in his hero shot. All in all, a fairly epic trailer. But it’s no fun listening to me talk about it, hit the jump to see it for yourself!

New Action/Quip-Packed SHERLOCK HOLMES Trailer Online by Roy on 4 Nov 2009 | Comments MTV’s got a new trailer up for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, and it’s got quips a-plenty, action in every frame, and style to boot.

Come to think of it, the Sherlock Holmes trailers that we’ve seen have been a bit of a mess plot-wise; that is, I still don’t have a very clear idea of just what the plot is. Mark Strong’s some sort of nefarious, perhaps supernatural villain, and Holmes and Watson are on the case? Anyway, they’re definitely selling chemistry and style more than anything else, especially between Robert Downey, Jr.’s Holmes and Jude Law’s Watson. And you know what? It’s enough. It totally works, and I’m ready to get to the theater just to see the two play off of each other.

The trailer finally gives Rachel McAdams something to do, though I still feel like her presence in the movie is being undersold here. Her dry delivery towards the end is one of the best moments in the trailer, and I think she’ll be just as integral a piece to Sherlock Holmes‘ entertainment and success as all the bare-knuckle brawls and one-liners.

Check out the trailer after the jump. Read»

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An In-Depth Set Visit To IRON MAN 2 by Roy on 14 Oct 2009 | Comments Entertainment Tonight hosted a set visit with Iron Man 2 about a month ago that gave us some insight into the racetrack scene that the crew was filming that day, but was otherwise a little too hobnob-y with the stars to satisfy most geeks curious about, you know, the actual movie.

Well, turns out France’s CanalPlus did a set visit too, and they actually go a little more in depth to the going-ons of the sequel. They sit down with star Robert Downey, Jr, and director Jon Favreau, and both have some interesting things to say. We get a clear idea of their approach in returning to Tony Stark’s world, and their hopes and anxieties about following up the critical and commercial success of the first film with a worthy sequel. Plus we see a lot of new behind-the-scenes footage, though (sadly) no actual new scenes from the movie.

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**UPDATED!** IRON MAN 2 Comic Con Footage <strike>Online</strike> Gone! Catch It While You Can! by Roy on 8 Aug 2009 | Comments **Updated! The footage has been pulled… hope you caught it while you could.** Check out the awesome footage before it gets pulled! Read»
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British SHERLOCK HOLMES Trailer Hits by Roy on 17 Jul 2009 | Comments A British version of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes trailer has arrived online. Read»
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